Long Island Ants Exterminating

Suburban Ant Exterminators take the proper steps to eliminate any ant infestation from your home or business on Long Island, Suffolk County, and Nassau County.

Ant Extermination

Ants are the most common pest problem on Long Island, which is not too surprising as they are one of the world's most successful insects.

In general ants enter buildings seeking food and water, warmth and shelter, or a refuge from dry, hot weather or flooded conditions. Ants may appear suddenly in buildings if other food sources become unavailable or weather conditions change and this is quite common on Long Island; we can have swings of 30 degrees or more in the spring and fall and these seasons are the busiest for ants in our area.

Suburban understands ant management requires diligent efforts and the combined use of mechanical, cultural, sanitation, and chemical methods of control. Like all pests that gain entry into our homes Suburban recommend pest proofing to keep ants out of our homes. All cracks should be sealed and all crevices around foundations that provide entry from outside. Ants prefer to make trails along structural elements, such as wires and pipes, and frequently use them to enter and travel within a structure to their destination. Indoors, eliminate cracks and crevices wherever possible, especially in kitchens and other food preparation and storage areas.

Ants Treatment Methods

Although specialized methodologies are often required for the treatment of ants, some standard methods are used for all species.

Step 1. Identification of the ant species
Step 2. Location of source of nest
Step 3. Establishing method(s) to control ants

Methods of control can range from
1. Chemical barriers to stop ants from entering structure
2. Application of materials directly into nests or voids where ants are travelling
3. Placements of ant baits that are taken back to the nest, these will greatly reduce or eliminate the colony.

Other Services - Sentricon Colony Elimination System

Exterminating Termites on Long Island with Sentricon

Suburban has been authorized by Dow Agro-Sciences to use the Sentricon Elimination System, the only proven baiting system for protecting structures from subterranean termites. Available only to specially trained and authorized pest control firms, Sentricon eliminates termite colonies and provides ongoing protection from costly termite damage.

With Sentricon we can completely eliminate the entire termite colony for the first time ever. Other termite control methods are designed to simply create a barrier to prevent termite entry.

The Benefits of Sentricon

Another unique benefit of Sentricon is the fact that the termite bait is secured only in those stations having termites and removed when the colony is eliminated. Sentricon is also less intrusive to our customers because monitoring and baiting can be performed entirely from outside the building. This is the most significant termite control development the industry has seen in over 50 years.

Suburban's technicians have received extensive training on proper use of the Sentricon System, as well as advanced termite biology and identification. For more information about how the Sentricon System works, contact Suburban.

Common Pests on Long Island

Common pests found in Suffolk and Nassau County includes termites, ants, beeds the bedbug, rodents (including mice and rats), and cockroaches (roach infestation). To help identify a specific pest problem at your home or business, use Suburban's Pest Identification Webpage to learn more about your infestation

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